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If you Feel like…

You’re fighting a losing battle with 40’s symptoms like fatigue, insomnia, low libido, mood swings, or weight gain….and you’re overwhelmed by all the conflicting advice about what will help.

I have good news

You don’t have to stay frustrated and stuck.

I’ll teach you midlife strategies that *actually* work

You don’t need extreme diets, killer workouts, or expensive hormone balancing supplements.

while helping you feel confident & empowered on your perimenopause health journey

You’ll gain a deep understanding of your 40’s body and its changing needs, and become the confident leader of your peri healthcare team as you journey toward your best midlife health!

And you’ll have support from myself + other 40’s women to cheer and guide you along the way!

Sounds good, right?


What's included:

$ 1000

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Hi, I'm Dena!

Close up of Dena Norton, MS, RD, LD

I'm Dena Norton, MS, RD,LD, wife, mom, holistic dietitian, and women’s health advocate.

I’ve trained and worked in prestigious institutions and run my own private practice.

I helped forty-something women improve their health for years. Then I became one of them.

When sleep disturbance, changes to my skin and hair, and loss of muscle mass hit me, I went all in. I read perimenopause books and research, and consulted with midlife doctors and experts.

I got crystal clear on what was happening in my body and realigned my strategies. And it worked!

My symptoms are better, I feel in control of my body again, and am confident knowing I'm doing the right things to make the journey ahead the healthiest it can be!

Now I’m sharing the step by step strategies that have helped me and my clients in my Forties Fix Live Group Course, so you can enjoy the same confidence and results on your own midlife journey.

You deserve this, friend!



You'll learn exactly where you are on the perimenopausal timeline, how to predict what's coming next, and how to leverage this decade to ensure a better aging experience.


Specific strategies for "Forty-fying" 5 key areas of health in this stage: Nutrition, Fitness, Sleep, Self Care, and how to build your midlife healthcare team, order labs, and make empowered decisions about HRT.


Even more targeted tools for tackling low libido, fatigue, weight gain, brain fog, mood changes, and digestive symptoms.


Including: 40's Friendly Recipe Guide, Nontoxic Product Guide, High vs. Low Hormone Symptoms, Mammogram Risks + Benefits, and How to Talk to Your Doctor about Perimenopause + HRT

meal plans + workouts

customizable meal plans + nutrition tracking

Get weekly meal plans and shopping lists tailored to your needs and preferences via the EatLove app. Comes with nutrition tracking and analysis.

weekly workout calendars

Midlife workouts from certified trainers. Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced options - just hit play!

support + accountability

group calls, private community, + 1:1 sessions

No woman left behind! You'll have access to Dena and fellow 40's women for support, guidance, and answers to your questions!

What 40's women are saying...

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