6 Week Whole Health Reset Membership Down Payment



The full price of this program is $249. The down payment of $99 is required up front. You will be billed for the remaining $150 during week 3 of the program.


What if you could reset all five key areas of your health – eating, activity, sleep, stress, and spiritual health – in just six weeks with an expert to guide you and with a group of other women cheering you on?

With the 6 Week Whole Health Reset, you can!

This group program includes weekly, 30 minute calls, printable curriculum, and access to a private Facebook group. Plus, you’ll receive free bonuses like healthy snack lists, weekly dinner plans, and a 1-on-1 wrap up call with Dena at the end of the program.


I am so in awe of just how informative this has been. Not just all of the material provided, but how much I have learned about myself, my habits, my weaknesses, and more!

This program helped me see clearly that wheat and dairy both trigger reactions for me. 

I learned so much about why and when I eat – now I’m much more aware and intentional with my approach to food. 

This program helped me get my high estrogen levels down by 40% in just a few weeks! 

I appreciated the attention this program gave to the balance between mind, body, and soul. What goes into my mouth is not the only thing that determines my overall health!

This program gave me permission to get more sleep – learning the physical damage I was doing to my body by staying up way to late each night really motivated me to get to bed earlier. I already have so much more energy!

Great value!